Info on Disposable Face Masks

A face mask doesn’t simply offer protection against airborne viruses; some also block fluids as well. Personal Touch Health Care Apparel has a wide selection of disposable face masks to choose from; molded, pleated, fluid resistant, hypoallergenic, scented, anti-fog, and also ones with shields attached. Whether you need a mask that is able to be custom fit or one to fit anyone’s face, you’ll be able to find them very easily.

Molded masks have a bendable strip across the nose to keep the mask in place. They also are shaped to hold the mask away from the nose to allow for easier breathing. The flexible strip will prevent it from sliding off the nose and becoming bothersome or a hindrance and is available in all the disposable masks sold through Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. To hold each mask in place against the face, ear loops, a single elastic band, or two separate ties on each side of the mask are firmly attached.

The make up of each mask will determine what the wearer is going to be protected from. For instance, not all masks that protect against the Swine flu are fluid resistant. The face shields allow the wearer eye-protection from any rogue sprays of fluid. The micro-fibers used in each face mask exceed AORN standards, due to the high Bacterial Filtration Efficiency rating. As for the fluid-resistant masks, there is a polypropylene outer covering to block liquids from entering the mouth and nose. When these are used with an eye shield, protection against fluids is complete.

Anti-fog masks are perfect for wearers of eyeglasses. The feature on this mask that prevents eyeglasses from fogging up is the thick foam strip across the top of the mask. The foam strip isn’t made to seal the mask off from outside air completely, but merely to keep warm air from the mouth from causing condensation on glasses. If a more secure fit is desired, one type of anti-fog mask uses an aggressive adhesive tape to prevent the fogging of optic lenses.

The scented disposable face masks supply a constant scent of spearmint, which not only helps to freshen incoming air a bit, but spearmint is also a calming agent for stomachs that are easily upset. This type of mask is useful for people who get queasy from certain smells. The N95 face masks offer protection against TB and other airborne viruses. Disposable beard covers can be purchased along with and worn additionally to masks sold through Personal Touch Health Care Apparel.