Info on Children’s Hospital Gowns

An adult-sized hospital gown doesn’t fit a child very well. Gowns for children of all ages can be purchased from Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. With a selection of styles, materials, and colors to choose from, finding children’s hospital gowns to fit even the tiniest patient is possible.

For as little as 6 dollars, a pediatric gown in a solid color can be purchased. Most styles are available in a range of sizes; x-small, small, medium, and large. Some varieties are color coded which makes it easier to determine the size by sight alone. In the case of one particular gown, the background color changes with each size, but the fun clown print stays the same. The children’s gowns with a tiger print covering the surface have different colors of ties to keep sizing issues at bay.

Ties at the neck and near the lower back are sewn securely into place to offer a bit of coverage for modest patients. In order to make children more comfortable, some tops with ties are paired with matching bottoms. The prices for this type of hospital attire ranges between a little under 7 to less than 10 dollars. The cost depends on the material used and the size of the gown.

Trevira brushed polyester is used for the making of some children’s hospital gowns. This material is flame-retardant, yet still provides comfort. Gowns not made from Trevira are 100 percent polyester to give kids the movement they need, seeing as they are generally much more active than adults. Both of these fabrics are durable and made for extensive amounts of washing and wearing.

If IV gowns are what you are looking for, an assortment of sizes, colors, styles, and materials are used for them as well. The main difference between these and a standard hospital gown is the closure. Snaps are positioned along the upper portion of both sleeves to allow for easy on and off over an IV line. Patients who only need temporary coverage can use disposable pediatric gowns. Depending on the size of the gown, the price is around 2 to 3 dollars apiece. These gowns might be disposable, but the feel is soft on a child’s sensitive skin and the Velcro closer makes for easy on and off on even the most active patient.

Children’s hospital gowns can make a child’s hospital visit or lengthy stay a bit more comfortable. Personal Touch Health Care Apparel can supply you with gowns to suit your needs and budget.