Info on Exam Hospital Gowns

Exam hospital gowns aren’t always needed for the same purpose. For instance, a gown used for a patient being admitted for knee surgery will require a different gown than a woman needing a mammogram. Personal Touch Health Care Apparel has what you need for very reasonable prices. A single exam gown can be purchased, if that’s all you need or a dozen at a time. The prices range from 6 dollars to just under 25 dollars per gown. Having the ability to buy a number of gowns at a time makes good financial sense.

Solid colors are available with most styles of exam gowns and each hue won’t be available in every style of exam garment. Colors for most unisex gowns include blue, gray, aqua or white, while a couple of gown types are made from pink or floral material to give more of a feminine appearance. Most of the gowns are cut from a polyester and cotton blend of fabric that is machine washable. Some styles of exam hospital gowns are 100 percent polyester and reinforced with twill tape at the seams. Each gown is made to last through multiple uses without falling apart or fraying around the edges.

Gowns extending nearly to the floor provide full coverage when necessary. Sometimes a shorter garment is all that is needed, making them more of an exam jacket instead of a full-length gown. Besides the choice of an assortment of lengths, the majority of the selection supplied by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel is designed for easy examination. Ties are positioned to create an overlapping front closure and give the patient complete coverage. A couple of hospital gown styles are of the pullover variety instead. To avoid the need for ties, a special 3-armhole gown is also available. This gown stays in place by overlapping and it can be worn with the open flap in the front or the back. This type of exam hospital gown is made from thick material that isn’t able to be seen through and it adds a bit more warmth too.

The variety of exam hospital gowns provide a choice of colors, range in sizes, and a price to fit just about any budget. And as with most bulk purchases, the more you by, the better the price. Whether you simply need to replace an existing exam gown or purchase a couple of dozen, Personal Touch Health Care Apparel is there to provide.