Info On disposable Bed Pads

Personal Touch Health Care Apparel offers a wide range of disposable bed pads to suit all needs, from complete incontinence to occasional bedwetting . Ranging in price from 36 to 102 dollars, each type of bedpad has characteristics which set it apart from others. Whether you are trying to stick to a certain budget or simply want the most durable and absorbent bed pad available, it is possible to find what you want relatively quickly.

Sizes for disposable bedpads start as small as 17 x 24 inches for coverage of a small area and go up to 36 x 70 inches. This larger size will span across a twin-sized mattress to protect most of the surface area of the bed. An average size for most bedpads is 23 x 36 inches, which is offered by most manufacturers of disposable bed pads. The different sizes enable a perfect fit for any type of bed. Most bedpads will remain in the same position once placed on the bed. However, for very active sleepers there are large pads with adhesive strips attached to them to make sure the pad doesn’t shift during use.

Besides being able to supply their own brand of disposable bedpads, Personal Touch Health Care Apparel also carries bedpads by other trusted companies, such as Kendall, Prevail, Adheres, Attends, Protection Plus, Harmonie, TENA, and Tuckables. It’s also possible to purchase these pads by the case to save money by buying in bulk. The number of packages per case will vary between each brand.

People who spend a lot of time confined to bed can benefit from bed pads with a breathable surface. A few kinds of bed pads have an upper layer that allows for better airflow, thus preventing skin problems. The internal makeup of each type of bedpad allows for varying levels of fluid absorption, odor control, and also durability.

A diamond-weave pattern offers maximum absorbency can include multiple layers in between the waterproof backing and the top layer of material. The non-porous backing protects bedding, while the upper layer keeps clothing dry. The waterproof back also prevents bedding from getting wet.

For quality disposable bed pads supplying the protection you are seeking, Personal Touch Health Care Apparel has quite the selection. Whether you need a bed pad for absorbing light amounts of liquid or durable coverage for heavy use all day long, the choices are plentiful. It’s simple to find what you need without paying a high price too.