Lab Coat with Knit Wrist and Knit Collar

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Introducing our Lab Coat with Knit Wrist and Knit Collar – a thoughtfully designed garment that combines comfort, functionality, and professional style. This lab coat is tailored to meet the needs of various professional settings, providing an added layer of convenience and a polished appearance. Key Features: Upgrade your work attire with our Lab Coat featuring Knit Wrist and Knit Collar, where functionality meets comfort and style. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, scientist, or working in any other profession that … Continue reading “Lab Coat with Knit Wrist and Knit Collar”

The Benefits of Disposable Blue Lab Jackets in Laboratory Settings

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Laboratories are dynamic environments where precision, safety, and cleanliness are paramount. To meet these demands, scientists, researchers, and lab technicians often turn to disposable blue lab jackets. These simple yet invaluable garments play a crucial role in maintaining hygiene, protecting workers, and ensuring optimal working conditions. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of disposable blue lab jackets and why they are a staple in laboratories worldwide. 1. Hygiene and Contamination Control Laboratory work often involves handling chemicals, biological specimens, … Continue reading “The Benefits of Disposable Blue Lab Jackets in Laboratory Settings”

Info on Disposable Scrubs

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Most people are familiar with the medical garment known as “scrubs.”  On television and in the movies they are probably the most common costume subscribed to roles in the medical field.  While you can probably recognize a “scrub” when you visit a doctor’s office or hospital, you may not be aware that many nurses, surgeons, and doctors actually wear disposable scrubs and not something that is reused over and over again.  When you think about it, though, this should make … Continue reading “Info on Disposable Scrubs”

Info on Disposable Lab Coats

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In the world of medicine there is perhaps only one thing more important than accuracy and that is sterility.  The environment in a hospital or medical facility is flush with many different kinds of contaminants, and thus it is extremely important that every worker in the place uses the proper equipment and follows strict procedures.  This ensures the safety of everyone including both workers and patients. Part of working in a sterile environment is wearing the appropriate garments.  In a … Continue reading “Info on Disposable Lab Coats”

Info on Disposable Exam Wear

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When you go to see the doctor, sometimes the nurse will have you change into disposable exam wear.  This type of clothing is designed to make it easier for the doctor to do their job without having to worry about their clothing.  On the job, a doctor could face many potential dangers involving substances, chemicals, and bodily fluids.  Thus, they need to wear clothing that protects them from harm while also ensuring they can perform their job effectively. Because it … Continue reading “Info on Disposable Exam Wear”

Information on Isolation Gowns

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The following info on isolation gowns provides details on both disposable and reusable isolation gowns sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. Each gown is designed to offer protection of the clothing beneath it. These gowns are utilized by doctors, nurses, dental assistants, and anyone who needs almost total coverage from bodily fluids and foreign substances they may come into contact with during work. Disposable gowns with a thumb loop in the sleeve material prevent sleeves from riding up and … Continue reading “Information on Isolation Gowns”