Information on Isolation Gowns

The following info on isolation gowns provides details on both disposable and reusable isolation gowns sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. Each gown is designed to offer protection of the clothing beneath it. These gowns are utilized by doctors, nurses, dental assistants, and anyone who needs almost total coverage from bodily fluids and foreign substances they may come into contact with during work.

Disposable gowns with a thumb loop in the sleeve material prevent sleeves from riding up and becoming cumbersome. These have an apron-style neck, so they are still easy to put on and pull off quickly and are made from either CPE, polyethylene, or breathable polypropylene laminated material to block exposure to fluids. Surgical gloves aren’t hindered by they thumb loop either. The loop feature of the gown keeps sleeves nicely tucked inside of each glove, thus blocking the chance of having any exposed skin.

Some of the fluid-proof gowns wrap entirely around the body, which enables the wearer to have 360 degrees of protection against potentially hazardous fluids. Generous waist ties keep the gown from being bulky around the middle and getting in the way while work is in progress.

A tape tab secures the neckline, while knit cuffs hold sleeves firmly against the skin. Most of these are made from a microporous breathable laminate, but there is a less expensive version that offers all the same features in a non-breathable material.

Lightweight and medium weight isolation gowns feature full coverage, flexibility, and strong seams. The fluid –resistant variety ensures protection even around the neckline. Not all light and mid-weight gowns offer the knit cuff feature, but they still provide much needed protection. They are available in white, light yellow, bright yellow, and bright blue, depending on which style is chosen.

Reusable isolation gowns supplied by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel are made from Eco Cloth, Blockade, or polyester/carbon fiber. Eco Cloth gowns are long-sleeved with 2 inch knit cuffs and ties that secure around the back. The entire gown can be securely closed to provide total protection. Blockade is a breathable fabric that is also resistant to fluids. The lightweight material protects the body and can be washed multiple times before any sign of wear appears.

ASEP gowns are made from a material that is 99 percent polyester with the final 1 percent being a moisture barrier made from carbon fiber. This carbon filament fabric controls static as well as repels liquids. These gowns also have knit cuffs and ties at the back and neckline. ASEP gowns are backless, but still provide complete protection across the front of the body and arms. This info on isolation gowns is helpful to professionals seeking disposable and reusable gowns for their line of work.