Info On Disposable Shoe Covers

For sanitary purposes, health care providers need to maintain a sterile environment and this includes covering shoes. A pair of shoes is capable of carrying any number of germs and other contaminants into an area. Donning a set of disposable shoe covers will keep the contents on the soles of your shoes from carrying germs into a germ-free area. These flexible covers for shoes will also prevent your shoes from picking up any foreign objects as well. The following info on disposable shoe covers has all the details you need.

Shoe covers with a non-skid surface cost anywhere between 30 and 68 dollars for an entire case. This is a low price for a necessary item to maintain a sanitary environment. The material is latex-free and has an elastic trim around the top. This trim has just enough give to fit over most sizes of shoes. The elastic holds the shoe cover in place.

The non-skid surface prevents the thin material of the cover from coming into contact with the slick floor surface, thus ensuring sure footing when standing or walking. For areas where fluids might be present, a polyethylene coating has been added to some of the disposable shoe covers sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. These fluid-resistant covers are also useful to painters and carpet cleaners, due to their ability to repel liquids.

Not all disposable covers for shoes are made for extended wear. Some varieties are manufactured to be worn for a very short amount of time and then tossed into the trash. The non-skid SMS shoe covers are made to be worn for a long period of time and will repel small to moderate amounts of fluid. This type of cover is also sold in a size that will easily cover an athletic shoe.

The classic style of shoe cover is also available through Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. These fit up to a men’s size 12 shoes, repel fluids, and are made from polyethylene. This particular type of shoe cover doesn’t have non-skid grips on the bottom, so they may not be ideal in all situations.

Regular and X-large sizes are available in most styles of shoe covers, however, occasionally there are occasionally extremely large shoes needing coverage. Some disposable covers actually will stretch around shoes larger than size 15. Varying shades of blue is the only color available with these covers. This info on disposable shoe covers offers great insight to what types of protective footwear work in different situations.