Info On Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks for men and women come in sizes to fit most feet. These socks are also available in an assortment of colors, which means it’s possible to coordinate with just about any outfit. The info on diabetic socks listed below provides you with necessary information about a number of Doctor Approved socks.

Each pair of socks is non-binding at the top and has a smooth toe and heel. These features are important to a diabetic or anyone with circulatory problems. A restricting band or thick seam can cause serious health issues in a person with poor circulation. Diabetic crew socks are mid-calf length, available in white or black.

Some styles are 80 percent cotton, while others are 100 percent cotton. The pairs with 80 percent cotton offer not only a loose fit, but full cushion too. There is also 11 inch cross stretch at the top and a reciprocated toe and heel to allow the sock to fit better. These particular socks come in grey, black, tan, light pink, and navy.

One style is only sold by the dozen, while other pairs of socks are able to be purchased one pair at a time. There is generally a price break when socks are bought in bulk, thus being more cost effective to purchase multiple pairs at once.

Not everyone likes the same length of socks, some prefer short as opposed to long socks. For diabetics looking for quarter length socks, Personal Touch Health Care Apparel sells them in navy, white, brown, grey, bright pink, or black. These socks are also 80 percent cotton and offer the same features as the mid-calf diabetic socks.

Each pair is made in the USA and most colors of socks are sold in multiple sizes. Men’s sizes are generally 9 to 11, 10 to 13, or 13 to 15, while women’s socks come in sizes 9 to 11 or 10 to 13. Not only are these non-binding socks perfect for diabetics with poor circulation, but they are also recommended for edema and neuropathy.

No one wishes to go throughout the day uncomfortable, but people with poor circulation require more than simply comfort. The need for a pair of socks that protect against blisters and allow a proper fit without constricting blood flow is essential. This info on diabetic socks sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel provides you with the necessary details to make a decision on the perfect pair of socks for your particular needs.