About Diabetic Socks

Did you know that many diabetes patients have some sort of nerve damage? And nerve damage with poor circulation causes more foot damage to diabetics than any other factor. This is why diabetic socks are an important form of foot care for diabetes patients.

Blood Flow and Diabetic Socks
When a person has diabetes, the blood vessels in their legs become narrow and cause poor circulation. This is commonly called Peripheral Arterial Disease or PAD. If the blood can’t circulate properly, it can’t bring nutrition and oxygen to the different body parts. And here’s where diabetic socks come into play. Our feet are the lowest part of our bodies, and it takes extra blood pressure (which diabetes hinders) to pump the blood through these extremities. And the added pressure of your full body weight makes it even more difficult. This is just one reason for diabetes patients to always wear diabetic socks. They are less constricting and allow better blood flow (and diabetic socks won’t bunch up at the bottom of the shoe.)

Nerve Damage and Diabetic Socks
The risk of foot ulcers increase when blood flow problems cause nerve damage in the lower extremities. Because now, the patient can’t feel scrapes, cuts, or irritations in the foot. And then infections can set in. But diabetic socks can help. Because of their incredibly soft and comfortable fabric, they cut down on irritations from rubbing within the shoes as well as stimulating circulation.

Where to buy Diabetic Socks

Personal Touch Health Care Apparel offers a variety of diabetic socks in color and style. They offer discounts for bulk orders and wholesale prices. If you have diabetes, or care for someone with diabetes, you can improve overall foot health by buying quality diabetic socks. Personal Touch offers socks that are comfortable and healthy.

And if you’re looking for a gift for someone with diabetes or PAD, diabetic socks might be the ultimate contribution to their health and comfort. And Personal Touch offers more than just diabetic footwear. They’re dedicated to ‘special need’ apparel for hospitals, nursing homes, and senior citizens. They carry a wide selection of adaptive clothing designed for style, comfort, and functionality.

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