Info on Adaptive Clothing

Men and women with a limited range of motion occasionally require special clothing. Personal Touch Health Care Apparel offers and assortment of items designed for people needing adaptive garments. Below is info on adaptive clothing and how each piece of clothing makes life easier for people who are physically disabled or recovering from surgery that has caused a reduced range of motion.

Adaptive nightshirts for men and women’s adaptive nightgowns are perfect for those who aren’t able to wear a regular nightshirt or gown to bed. These special nightshirts have snaps in the back. This feature makes it much easier to put on, since the arms can be slipped right into the sleeves without having to reach behind or raise arms above the head.

Even shirts with back snaps are available in many men’s styles; long and short sleeved dress shirts, long sleeved Henley shirts, and knit Polos with short or long sleeves. Each of these types of shirt looks just like a non-adaptive shirt from the front. The snaps in the back allow for easy on and off at the front for people who need the extra assistance. Men’s undershirts with short sleeves or no sleeves are also available with back snaps.

Drop seat slacks for women and men are fitted with 3 snaps along the side, instead of a zippered fly in the front. The elastic waist and side snaps make changing much easier. These adaptive pants are made from a poly cotton blend and have two side pockets. Jumpsuits are available for both men and women. These also have snaps in the back and are fantastic for a person who enjoys full coverage. Some jumpsuits are fitted with a security buckle at the back. This feature is helpful when the person wearing the jumpsuit is prone to getting undressed in public places.

Women needing dresses or sweaters can also find these with convenient snaps in the back as well. Adaptive short and long sleeved dresses come in a wide range of printed materials. Some are great for wearing around the house, while others are a bit dressier for wearing to a special event. Each dress, as well as the cable knit sweaters, has two pockets on the front.

For most pieces of clothing, the sizes are 30 to 52 for men and small thru 3X for women. The above info on adaptive clothing sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel should help you find what you are looking for.