Info on Washable Bed Pads

Waste can be reduced by purchasing washable bed pads, instead of always relying on disposable pads. Not only is it possible to reduce waste, but money will ultimately be saved as well. The price range for these long-lasting bed pad starts at 4 dollars apiece and goes up to a little under 23 dollars. The cost of each pad is going to be determined by the construction and the size of the bed pad.

The smallest bed pad sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel measures 17 x 18 inches and the largest is 81 x 35 inches. An assortment of sizes enables you to choose the perfect fit. In order to hold up against multiple washings, each bed pad is constructed of multiple layers, with many styles also having a quilted design over the entire surface areas. The quilting prevents the layers from shifting during laundering.

A waterproof barrier prevents liquids from penetrating the bedding and mattress. And some bed pads have handles sewn to this outer layer for easier positioning of the pad. The handles are mainly found on the much larger pads, seeing as they can be difficult for one person to adjust easily. Once in place, these pads tend to stay put. However, there is the option to purchase bed pads with wings to lessen the chance of the pad being displaced. These wings are wide enough to tuck underneath the bed mattress on both sides of the pad.

Cotton flannel soaker pads can be purchased to add another soaker layer where needed. These are sold by the dozen and measure 36 x 36 inches. The 100 percent cotton is extremely soft and some patients find it more comfortable than the material used on many other types of washable bed pads. Not only are bed pads sold in a variety of widths and lengths, but also in a number of absorbencies. Heavy soaker pads can keep a bed dry under the most extreme conditions, while a thinner pad is better for light use.

Most of the washable bed pads are offered in a light green color, but some styles are also available in light blue, pink, gray, or brown. There is even a colorful printed plaid design on some styles. Multi-use bed pads can be purchased singularly or by the dozen. Buying any of these reusable pads by the dozen enables you to get more for your money, this is always helpful.