Choosing the Right Hospital Gown

Tie Back Closure or Front Closure Hospital Gowns
The closure of the gown depends for what the gown is needed for, if the gown is needed for a physical exam, so then front closure gowns are the most preferred. If the gowns are needed for a hospital stay, so then the tie back closure is normally used. Today most tie back hospital gowns are a full overlap, which provide the patient with extra modesty and comfort knowing that they are covered properly.

Size and length of hospital gowns
Hospital gowns come in a variety of sizes and lengths most gowns are a one size fits most. The size of a gown usually goes by the sweep a big oversized gown that fits a 10X-Large has a sweep of 108 inches while a 3X-Large gown has a sweep of 78 inches. The average one size fits all hospital gowns have sweeps ranging from 52 inches to about 66 inches.
For the length of the gown usually you will find the larger the gown the longer the length. For the most part the average length is 42 inches up till 52 inches.

Color and prints of hospital gowns
The colors or prints of the gowns usually depend upon the styles of the gowns. For instance flannel hospital gowns come mostly in floral prints but almost all gowns today you can find in a variety of prints and if prints don’t interest you, there are plenty of gowns that come in solid colors. Whether you need men’s solid colors or Women’s you should not have a problem finding them.

Fabric of Hospital Gowns
The fabric will only matter if you need to wash the gowns many times and in most cases we do need to wash them. Generally the heavier the fabric, the more durable the gown will be during washing and wearing.
Eco cloth which is a lightweight material is found by the cheaper gowns that normally are selling for $20.00 a dozen. Demure or galaxy cloth which is a heavier fabric these gowns will last longer after washing and usually cost more.

Deluxe Cut Medical Gowns – Deluxe Cut Patient Gowns with Tieside Closure for Maximum Coverage. Gowns close completely and comfortably, without embarrassing gaps, for total patient modesty.
Wholesale Medical Gowns – These versatile straight back gowns have a convenient tie closure at neck and mid-back. All fabrics are a blend of 55% cotton 45% polyester.
UNISEX Exam Gown – Cascade print gowns. Extra Roomy and Comfortable. This gown is constructed of 4.1 oz. twill fabric and has a tieside closure to provide complete patient modesty.
Hospital Gown – Medical Gowns – Full Overlap closure for modesty. One piece body construction. 62″ sweep 43″ length. Durable 55/45 poly/cotton blend
Plus Size Hospital Gown 5X – These big size patient gowns are great for plus size patients where you want to provide them with comfort and dignity. Made of heavy weight poly/cotton.