Choosing Adult Bibs

As one advances in years, the need for additional assistance with once simple tasks becomes increasingly necessary. Even the simple act of feeding oneself starts to become a chore, perhaps from the result of arthritis making the use of utensils neigh-impossible. Many elderly eaters face the troubling aspect of being unable to cease a perpetual ‘trembling’ of their mouths, making the eating of food quite messy. The use of an adult bib can spare people much embarrassment from unsightly food splotches and clumsy-looking stains along their shirt and upper waist areas, especially useful when wearing a delicate material that would need to be dry-cleaned.

Most adult bibs function the same way that infant bibs do, yet understandably come in many more varieties of colors, shapes, and sizes. Wearing a black adult bib with a black suit, for instance, would not really cause as severe a spectacle as somebody wearing the same suit with a brightly-colored bib featuring cartoon characters all along the cloth. Most adult bib designs carry the appearance of a sleeveless t-shirt, making it quite inconspicuous for dining in any casual setting. The material generally extends to just above the knees, and helps a wheelchair-bound eater ensure that most of their body remains protected from any food that escapes their plate or mouth, instead of winding up as a tough stain on a favorite shirt.

Depending on the cost one is willing to put into an adult bib, the material can give the wearing a customizable amount of protection. Some bibs are completely waterproof, helping to avoid any beverage spills or soup accidents from seeping through the bib to land on the clothes lying underneath. Designer bibs are also available, some featuring visual patterns that match well with various styles of dress. For the eater who just wants to get their bibs on and off quickly, Velcro fasteners are also available everywhere adult bibs are sold, and should ensure that the equip/removal time never interferes with their enjoyment of a piping hot meal.

Disposable adult bibs are another option, especially for the messier eaters that tend to always get food on themselves. Rather than washing the same one or two bibs over and over again for every meal, simply stock up on disposables to toss out. These will also come in handy for when company comes over and there aren’t enough extra traditional adult bibs to go around. Non-elderly eaters can also find use out of these disposables whenever the family is eating messy finger foods like spare ribs, chicken, or other non-utensil-friendly foods.
Such a simple invention, the adult bib is a very useful product that symbolizes the desire to maintain the integrity and respect of the elderly. While they may need assistance doing some things that others can do by themselves, it goes a long way in terms of personal pride to be able to avoid ‘accidents’ in the middle of such social gatherings as a family dinner. Cheap and easy to use, adult bibs are great for those who will never forgot their love of eating!

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