Recurring Orders Options

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Recurring Order Option – Saves you time and Money We are happy to announce an option that will save you time and money. Customers who normally place several orders a year for incontinence products or disposable products can now place one order With an option to repeat this same order “Every 2 Weeks”, “Every 1 Month”, “Every 2 Months”, “Every 3 Months”, “Every 4 Months”, “Every 5 Months” or “Every 6 Months. This feature helps the customer feel secure knowing … Continue reading “Recurring Orders Options”

Benefits of Washable Bed Pads

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Urinary incontinence is a common, yet embarrassing malady that can occur for any number of reasons. While in most cases it is treatable, the duration of the ailment can leave those afflicted with serious self-esteem problems, and drastically affect the actions and decisions on a day-to-day basis in most social situations. The most common form of incontinence management is through the use of absorbent products, such as a washable bedpad. Typically used in conjunction with adult diapers and absorbent undergarments, … Continue reading “Benefits of Washable Bed Pads”

Benefits of Disposable Bedpads

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Used often along with an absorbent undergarment of some kind, disposable bed pads are useful in managing adult urinary incontinence by preventing wetness from penetrating through a mattress or box spring (which permanently stains the fabric). A furtive method to use when dealing with a rather embarrassing condition, disposable bed pads are a quick and easy way to avoid unfortunate accidents beyond a person’s control especially while sleeping in someone else’s lodgings. Disposable bed pads can also be used in … Continue reading “Benefits of Disposable Bedpads”