Benefits of Washable Bed Pads

Urinary incontinence is a common, yet embarrassing malady that can occur for any number of reasons. While in most cases it is treatable, the duration of the ailment can leave those afflicted with serious self-esteem problems, and drastically affect the actions and decisions on a day-to-day basis in most social situations. The most common form of incontinence management is through the use of absorbent products, such as a washable bedpad.

Typically used in conjunction with adult diapers and absorbent undergarments, washable bedpads can be placed on top of a mattress to avoid having urine seep through the material, which permanently stains the mattress and could weaken the integrity of box springs as well. The use of washable bedpads are very inconspicuous, as they are shaped much like a cotton comforter on the visible side while the absorbent side is face down on top of the mattress. Using bedpads will give those with incontinence problems more confidence when sleeping outside of their own bedrooms, such as when on a vacation or staying overnight while visiting relatives/friends. Without a bedpad, there is a high risk of an embarrassing situation to face by next morning.

Compared to other forms of management, washable bedpads represent the least amount of effort or fuss for sufferers of incontinen ce. Options ranging from electrical stimulation, expensive medications, biofeedback measuring procedures, bladder repositioning surgeries or catheterization cannot compare with the simplicity of using a bedpad while avoiding liquids close to bedtime. While it is necessary to continually wash the pad and reuse it or replace it each night, most sufferers of incontinence seem to agree that it is a very small price to pay considering the alternatives.

Options for purchasing a washable bedpad are widely available. Unlike other forms of treatment that typically require a doctor’s consultation, one can simply visit a drugstore to find a variety of washable bedpads ready for use. The pricing of different brands of bedpads represents different levels of absorbency, and shorter/wider areas of protection. Some bedpads come with a waterproof barrier on the bottom level (to prevent liquid from reaching/soaking into a mattress), and others will provide multiple-layers of absorbent materials to ensure that the pad will be able to handle any level of accident while a user enjoys a worry-free rest.

Unlike disposable bedpads, washable bedpads are designed to last as long as they are needed. They are often more effective than disposable models as well, having the advantage of being created for more than just a “one time” use. Washable bedpads are often more comfortable than disposables, using cotton and polyester blends that aren’t noticeable when placed underneath bedsheets. For the user that’s concerned over ‘evidence’ of an accident, it also helps to just be able to wash the bedpad, instead of needing to find a place to dispose of it without drawing any attention. Longevity is yet another benefit of washables, while the cost upfront and frequent washes may seem expensive at first, the lack of needing to continually restock should pay for itself in time.

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