Disposable Bibs

Disposable bibs are a wonderful choice to cut down on the laundry that is usually required with other cloth bibs that can be used. There are a number of disposable bib styles that are on the market so that you can choose the one that is right for your need.

There are disposable bibs that are designed for children as well as adults. One of the great features of these bibs is the crumb catcher that is located on the bottom of the bib. It is a pocket that is designed into the bottom of the bib to catch crumbs and any liquids that may spill while the wearer is eating.

Buying disposable bibs is very cost effective when you consider the amount of labor that is involved with laundering cloth bibs. It cuts down on the work involved as well as the energy costs associated with running laundry for bibs. You can order a large quantity of the bibs and have them on hand for every occasion when they are needed.

Disposable bibs come in varying sizes so that they can be purchased for children and adults. Buy a good selection of sizes to accommodate all of your patients that require the use of a bib. In many cases, you will get a discount by ordering more than one case of the bibs.

There are also some wonderful designs for children with these disposable bibs. While the cloth ones in the store might be cute, you can still get something fun for your children when you order disposable bibs for your home use.

There are also specialty bibs that can be given out in restaurants for those super special dinners that can be a little messy to eat. Lobster bibs are a popular choice for disposable bibs. Lobster may be yummy, but it can certainly ruin a great outfit.
Whether you are planning to order disposable bibs for your home use to cut down on your laundry, or you are buying them for a nursing home, buying in bulk makes the most economical sense. Buying a large quantity of disposable bibs for a restaurant ensures that you will never run out for a single guest. The larger the quantity that you buy, the lower your price can be. Disposable bibs are also something that is needed by a dental office or a cosmetic dentist’s office. These bibs will make sure that no fluids get on the clothing of the patient while dental work is being performed. Again buying in bulk can save your dental practice a great deal of money. You can even choose disposable bibs in flattering colors that will help your patients feel a little more comfortable about the procedure that is about to take place.
Whatever your reason for needing disposable bibs, make sure that you choose the right size and style for your needs. Waist length disposable bibs are a great choice for a dental office and in a nursing home the disposable bib with a crumb catcher can help keep food messes to a minimum.

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