Laundering Recommendations Bed & Bath: Linens, Terries


Pre-Rinse (x1)
Detergent (x1)
Bleach (x1)
Post-Rinse (x2-3)
Sour / Softener (x1)
Water temperature: 160°F
Alkalinity ppm: 200 – 400ppm
Alkalinity pH: 11.0 – 12.0pH
Final Rinse pH: 5.5 – 6.5pH


Bleach (x1) Water temp: 160°F
Bleach ppm: 50 – 200ppm
Chlorine pH: 10.2 – 10.8pH
Peroxide pH: 10.5 – 11.2pH
Peroxide temp: 165°F


Tumble Dry – MAX temperature 180°F


Limited Ironing

Flat Goods – MAX Flat-work iron temp – 285°F
Terries – DO NOT Flat-work iron


All Products

Must be laundered prior to use Only wash with like items Only wash with like colors



DO NOT flat work iron Extra rinses may be needed to wash out chemicals



Quantity will vary with machine size and type Confirm with your chemical vendor for correct quantity