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Surgical gowns are unique attire worn by either patients or doctors/surgeons who are scheduled to undergo/perform some form of invasive medical treatment; these gowns can typically found in hospitals, health care facilities, and certain first-aid stations.  The utility of a sterile surgical gown serves both patient and physician; many doctors find the gown highly compatible for the easy listening of lungs and heart function (due to the thin material typically made of cotton that comprise the average gown).  For doctors, surgical gowns protect them from potentially infectious biomaterial while simultaneously preventing anything from the surgeon team infecting the patient.  In terms of form, surgical gowns are short-sleeved and distinctively colored (to identify the wearer as a patient), and often when dealing with hazardous substances can be disposable (made of plastic or paper instead of cotton) to avoid proliferation of biohazards.

                Generally, surgical gowns (also called “hospital gowns”) leave the backside of a patient exposed, which allows easier access for nurses to administer vaccinations.  The thin cotton material serves to prevent patient overheating, potential chaffing, or difficulty when using the restroom.  While surgical gowns extend well below the midsection of a patient, the exposure of the backside has been a well-documented issue with the attire, specifically for ethnic groups like Muslim women that find it shameful to be so exposed.   Many hospitals today employ the use of disposable hospital gowns that are long-sleeved, and cover the majority of a patient’s body (including the backside).  While impractical for many surgery procedures, making the switch to a disposable gown is an option for patients concerned with the privacy of their own body.

                Doctors’ surgical gowns will almost always be disposable, due to the nature of invasive surgery to get internal fluids on clothing easily.  These gowns come in plastic packages, often with sterile surgical gloves, a facemask, and a head barrier (either resembling a bandanna or a shower cap for larger hair).  These disposable gowns can often be reused in the rare cases that a surgery does not expose the gowns to internal fluids, yet only if they are machine washable—otherwise it would compromise sterility procedures.  Like a doctor’s scrubs, a new surgical gown will typically be distributed to staff with every new shift after being thoroughly sterilized with the rest of the hospital’s soiled linens.

                Depending on the procedure, surgical gowns can be made of various materials.  When there is a risk of exposure to internal fluids, doctors will typical forgo the disposable gowns for those made of blockade fabrics (a special carbonized form of polyester).  These blockade fabrics are highly fluid-resistant, and stop the penetration while allowing comfort and breathability for surgeons (important for helping them maintain concentration).  For higher protection, gore surgical barrier gowns prevent not only liquids but further protects against pathogenic organisms by reinforcing the fabric in critical areas of the gown.  There are even more resistant gowns (“isolation gowns”) that cost a premium, but are made of eco cloth (cotton and polyester blend) and is made to withstand the test of time, while keeping a high-level of protection from liquid biohazards.

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