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Hospital Gowns

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At Personal Touch You can find Hospital Gowns for Easy Dressing and for Modesty.

Tie Back Hospital Gowns
Most of our hospital gowns are a tie back. Whatís great about the tie back, is that it makes it easy to get in and out. The ties are situated one at the top neck area and one either in the center or in the middle towards the waist. Most of the tie backs are one size gowns if you need a larger size you can try our oversized hospital gowns which start at a 3X Large and go up until a 10X large.

Tie Back Hospital Gowns

Womenís Back Wrap Adaptive Hospital Gowns
These are great for seniors they come in beautiful floral prints and are available in Cotton flannel or a poly cotton material. Whatís great about these Hospital gowns is that they are very easy to get into which allows you to dress someone who has a hard time dressing. What makes it easy is the back wrap style, with a snap at the left shoulder and then it wraps and snaps on the right shoulder. Another added benefit with the wrap is the modesty it provides. These are available in a range of sizes starting from small up to and including 3 X Ėlarge.

Womenís Back Wrap Adaptive Hospital Gowns

Menís Back Snap Adaptive Hospital Gowns
Our Adaptive Hospital gowns for men known as back snap nightshirts are made of a poly/cotton material. Whatís great about these is the back snap feature which allows for easy dressing. These are made with long sleeves for extra warmth and one chest pocket for a more stylish look. Another added benefit is the three front opening snaps near the neck area which give a less restrictive and relaxed fit.

Menís Back Snap Adaptive Hospital Gowns

Also you can find other styles of Hospital Gowns that can be of help.

Wholesale Hospital Gowns
Exam Hospital Gowns
Oversized Hospital Gowns
Childrenís Hospital Gowns
Disposable Hospital Gowns
IV Hospital Gowns
Mammography Hospital Gowns
Velcro Hospital Gowns

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