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Information on slipper socks

Q: Do your slipper socks come in different colors?

Yes most of them will give you the option to choose the colors you want.


Q: My mom needs traction so she does not fall do you have slipper socks with traction?

Yes almost all slipper socks we carry come with a non skid tread on the bottom of the sock to help with traction and to help prevent falling.


Q: Can you customize slipper socks with our facility name on the sock.

Yes we do customize logos or facility names, bat mitzvah, weddings and more.


Q: How does customization of slipper socks work?

You send us an e-mail of the logo with the information you want on the sock once approved we will start the customization processing.


Q: Do you have Slipper socks for people with big feet?

Yes our bariatric slipper sock is for foot sizes up till 15EEE


Q: I would like to give a gift of slipper socks do you have socks that can be given as a gift?

Yes there is one style U504 that is available in individual boxes and are great for gift giving.


Q: What sizes do your slipper socks come in?

Our Slipper Socks come in Children, Toddler, Youth, Regular size and Adult Sizes


Q: Do you offer slipper socks that only go up till the ankle?

Yes our Terries ankle length slipper socks go up to the ankle.


Q: Do you have Children’s or kids Slipper Socks?

Yes there is a page in the slipper sock section that has slipper socks for children.


Q: Do you have slipper socks for women?

Yes, almost all the slipper socks are unisex or come in Women's colors.


Q: I saw slipper socks in the hospital do you have hospital slipper socks?

Yes those would be the terries.


Q: Are there any discounts or specials on your Slipper Socks?

Yes we offer a Buy 5 Get 1 Free Special and for facilities we offer discounts on larger quantities.


Q: If i place my order Today when will they go out?

It will usually go out the same day and if not someone will let you know.


Q: Can Individuals purchase or only Health Related Facilities?

No anyone can purchase some socks are sold individually like u504 slipper sock, Fuzzy slipper socks and the bariatric slipper sock the others are sold by the case.


 Click Here To See Our Slipper Socks



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