COLORED Hand Towels

Introducing our pack of twelve (12) Bleach-Proof Bulk Hand Towels in rich Burgundy – the ideal choice for your beauty care business, nail spa, dorm kitchen, or home bathroom. Here’s why our towels stand out:

  1. Multipurpose Excellence:
    • This bulk pack of 16 x 28 inch Burgundy towels is a versatile choice for various settings. Whether in a professional salon, dormitory, or your home bathroom, these towels are designed to meet your diverse needs.
  2. Extra Absorbent Design:
    • Experience quick and efficient hair drying with our extra-absorbent towels. The 100% cotton terry cloth fabric ensures optimal softness and reliable absorption, making them a practical choice for daily use.
  3. Professional Grade Quality:
    • Our towels are crafted with precision, featuring professionally hemmed edges that are carefully graded for quality control. This attention to detail ensures durability and long-lasting quality that meets professional standards.
  4. Bleach-Proof Resilience:
    • Say goodbye to concerns about stains and discoloration. Our bleach-proof face cloths resist all types of bleach and peroxides, making them perfect for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in beauty care settings.
  5. Color-Safe Assurance:
    • These plush bath towels maintain their vibrant Burgundy hue even when washed with hot water or chlorine bleach. Perfect for removing stains from hair dyes, bronzers, makeup, lotions, chemicals, germs, and bacteria without compromising color integrity.
  6. Softness that Lasts:
    • Our small hand towels are not only highly absorbent but also incredibly soft. The 100% cotton terry cloth fabric ensures that they remain plush and gentle on the skin even after multiple wash and dry cycles.
  7. Microfiber Technology:
    • Made of super absorbent material woven from ultrafine microfibers, our towels provide a luxurious feel and efficient moisture absorption, enhancing the overall user experience.

Choose our Bleach-Proof Bulk Bath Towels for a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style. Whether for business or home use, these towels deliver on quality, ensuring you have a reliable and comfortable solution for all your drying needs.