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Adult Bib - Quilted Bib With Vinyl Barrier-Assorted Prints GROUP B


ADULT BIBS - are often used by individuals who have difficulty with eating or drinking without spilling food or liquid on their clothing. This may include elderly individuals who have limited mobility or hand dexterity, individuals with disabilities or medical conditions such as Parkinson's disease or cerebral palsy, or individuals who have undergone surgery or medical treatment that affects their ability to eat or drink normally.

PRACTICAL SOLUTION - While bibs are traditionally associated with babies and young children, adult bibs are becoming increasingly common as a practical solution to help individuals maintain their dignity and independence while dining or receiving care. Women may wear adult bibs for the same reasons as men, and there are many styles and designs available to suit different needs and preferences.

These Bibs make a great holiday gift.

For your ❤️ loved ones.

Holiday gift box

Adult Bib - Printed Quilted Bib With Vinyl Barrier
  • Full waterproof barrier
  • Poly/cotton woven front
  • Pvc back barrier
  • Full waterproof barrier
  • 2 snap closure for size adjusting.
  • Back View

    Sizes: Generous length 18 X 30

    Colors: Pretty Print designs for women

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