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Edema VELCROŽ brand Ladies Solid Booties

SKU# f232 - solid

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EDEMA SLIPPERS - are primarily used by individuals who suffer from edema or swelling in their feet. Edema can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, or pregnancy. Swelling in the feet can make it difficult to find comfortable footwear, as traditional shoes or slippers can feel tight and restrictive.


DESIGNED TO -  Edema slippers are designed to accommodate swollen feet and provide a comfortable, non-constricting fit. They are also beneficial for individuals with circulation issues, foot injuries, or other foot conditions that require gentle, supportive footwear.

Edema slipper booties are perfect for those with swollen feet, diabetes, edema or ankle corns.
  • Skid resistant sole.
  • Quilted uppers
  • Lightweight & easy to open VELCROŽ brand side closure
  • Click here to see the sole

  • Sizes: Medium 6.5-7.5, Large 8-9, XL 9.5-10.5

    Colors: only available in pink or blue

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