Info on Velcro Footwear

Velcro, the first fabric-based hook-and-loop fastener ever to breach the public market was invented by an Electrical Engineer George do Mestral, of Switzerland, in 1948.  It took him seven years to patent his technology as he continued to refine and development the uniquely practical manufacturing of the product until it became available in the commercial market in the late 1950’s.  The name is taken from the French word velour and crochet.  The first sample was made of cotton, which of course was quickly found to be quite impractical and soon replaced by a Nylon and polyester which are far more resilient.

There are, obviously, many practical ways that you could use Velcro.  In fact, it is very common among military garments and equipment because of the expediency by which it operates.  It is this expediency that was probably responsible for the development of Velcro footwear.  By adding the fabric fastener to shoes, Velcro alters the experience of wearing them.

First of all, it is very common to find Velcro footwear for children.  This is an obvious choice, as young children often take a while to learn how to tie their shoes.  They have still yet to develop the manual dexterity needed to perform the task efficiently.  Alternately, though, it is not difficult for anyway to pull the top strap of a Velcro fastener tightly and then press down.  Because the Velcro fastener is so easy for children to use, it is very common to find children’s shoes sporting not only the hook-an-loop fasteners but also a variety of the most popular child icons from television programs.

It is also somewhat common to see Velcro footwear on shelves next to other athletic shoes.  While the Velcro fabric alone is not necessarily good enough to withstand the demands placed on athletic equipment, it seems to be quite effective in helping shoelaces remain tied tightly.  Together, then, both types of fasteners ensure that shoes fit properly and comfortably so an athlete can perform their job effectively.

Finally, it is also common to find Velcro footwear in places like retirement homes.  Perhaps people in the retired community prefer to not tie their shoes, or the reason for their popularity might be due to things like arthritis and osteoporosis.  Older people may have trouble tying laces with fingers that are not as agile as they once were.  On the other hand, it could just be a matter of comfort, as Velcro offers a more simple, relaxed style of shoe.

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Info on Disposable Scrubs

Most people are familiar with the medical garment known as “scrubs.”  On television and in the movies they are probably the most common costume subscribed to roles in the medical field.  While you can probably recognize a “scrub” when you visit a doctor’s office or hospital, you may not be aware that many nurses, surgeons, and doctors actually wear disposable scrubs and not something that is reused over and over again.  When you think about it, though, this should make a lot of sense since you wouldn’t want to be exposed to the same dangerous infections that other patients might have.

Disposable scrubs help to ensure that a doctor isn’t exposed to these infections either.  While the garments appear to be lightweight they are of the strongest integrity.  In fact, many are three times as resilient as reusable scrubs; providing more security against potential cross-contamination.  This is partially due to the tough synthetic fabric used to make them, but also because they are never laundered and thus the integrity of the fabric is never threatened like it is with clothing that is washed all the time.

Disposable scrubs are also beneficial because they function well in all environments.  It doesn’t matter if they are wet or dry or if it is warm or cool, they continue to offer the same resistance against cross-contamination.  On top of being lightweight and breathable they are also smooth and wrinkle-free, so they also look good at all times too.  While this isn’t nearly as important as safety, it certainly helps medical professionals to continue looking professional.

Another reason why disposable scrubs are so beneficial is because they have not been known to generate allergenic responses in doctors or patients.  This means that no matter what your ailment might be, you do not have to worry about further irritation from seasonal or environmental allergens.  Of course, cloth-based uniforms collect lint, dust, dander, pollen, and whatever else might wander in through a window or carried in on a patient.  When they are washed they produce more lint and collect more dust.

One of the greatest benefits that these garments provide, though, is that they save hospitals a lot of money on laundry.  Hospitals already have to wash bed sheets, pillows, towels and other garments, so using inexpensive disposable examination wear and other garments reduces materials costs and the utility cost of electricity and water.  Of course, this helps to conserver water too.

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Info on Disposable Lab Coats

In the world of medicine there is perhaps only one thing more important than accuracy and that is sterility.  The environment in a hospital or medical facility is flush with many different kinds of contaminants, and thus it is extremely important that every worker in the place uses the proper equipment and follows strict procedures.  This ensures the safety of everyone including both workers and patients.

Part of working in a sterile environment is wearing the appropriate garments.  In a hospital, you could expose yourself to a lot of harsh chemicals like bleach and alcohol, but more than that you should be concerned about bodily fluids.  These are not simply gross in themselves but they can contain various types of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.  These things can get into your clothing, which can be very bad for you, and is why some companies make disposable lab coats.

While there is certainly something to be said about laundry services in a hospital, some professionals probably agree that there are certain things that you would simply rather not clean, and just replace instead.  Disposable lab coats are designed to be used once and then thrown away.  This prevents the possibility of spreading any communicable diseases from a patient to another person in the hospital through bodily fluids that could be transferred to the garment.  Indeed, it probably makes more sense to simply throw this type of clothing away instead of try to wash it.

There are many kinds of disposable lab coats.  Again, they are made to be used once, so they are usually very simple.  However, there is variety of reasons why a medical professional might need to wear one so there are several designs available.  Some models may have one or two pockets, while others may feature no pockets.  Some come with an open collar while others look more like a crew neck gown or jacket.  All of these features are designed to offer both comfort and functionality to a doctor or surgeon who may need to carry utensils with them or would prefer to have more mobility and flexibility.

Disposable lab coats are also made of different kinds of fabrics because they could be used in any number of ways.  You could find these garments in traditional hospitals but also in dental offices, for example.  You may find that they are made of polypropylene or other highly-durable synthetic material.

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Info on Disposable Exam Wear

When you go to see the doctor, sometimes the nurse will have you change into disposable exam wear.  This type of clothing is designed to make it easier for the doctor to do their job without having to worry about their clothing.  On the job, a doctor could face many potential dangers involving substances, chemicals, and bodily fluids.  Thus, they need to wear clothing that protects them from harm while also ensuring they can perform their job effectively.

Because it is most important that a doctor be able to do the job that is required of them when you visit them, it is thus important that their clothing not get in the way.  Similarly, it is important that they should not have to worry about whether or not they get dirty and soil their garments.  After all, the only concern that should have during an appointment is your comfort and well-being.  This is why doctors use disposable exam wear.

Disposable exam wear can refer to many different garments.  You can find them in shorts and tee shirts or in longer drapery-type garments.  You can find them in robes or in long, 2-piece scrub-type garments.  They are often made of durable spunbond, meltblown, or laminate nonwoven material, basically means that they do not retain liquids.  This is very important in the examination room, where a doctor can be exposed to potentially harmful bodily fluids of a patient who is concerned about a viral or bacterial infection.  A latex-free, elastic waistband, though, ensures a comfortable yet secure fit.

Disposable exam wear is an important component to the success of a hospital not just because of how they are used but because they are thrown away and not washed.  Laundry services can be expensive.  Even in a hospital, where the laundry is performed in house, it can be very expensive to have to wash all of the gowns and scrubs that are used every single day.  Any given doctor on any given day could go through several sets of garments because there is a great risk of cross-contamination between patients.  Obviously this would result in having to wash hundreds of loads of laundry, which could prove to be quite costly.  To cut down on these costs, many hospitals invest in disposable garments of many kinds, which is a bit of a misnomer because they are not usually simply discarded in the trash, but using a much more sanitary method.

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Information on Isolation Gowns

The following info on isolation gowns provides details on both disposable and reusable isolation gowns sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. Each gown is designed to offer protection of the clothing beneath it. These gowns are utilized by doctors, nurses, dental assistants, and anyone who needs almost total coverage from bodily fluids and foreign substances they may come into contact with during work.

Disposable gowns with a thumb loop in the sleeve material prevent sleeves from riding up and becoming cumbersome. These have an apron-style neck, so they are still easy to put on and pull off quickly and are made from either CPE, polyethylene, or breathable polypropylene laminated material to block exposure to fluids. Surgical gloves aren’t hindered by they thumb loop either. The loop feature of the gown keeps sleeves nicely tucked inside of each glove, thus blocking the chance of having any exposed skin.

Some of the fluid-proof gowns wrap entirely around the body, which enables the wearer to have 360 degrees of protection against potentially hazardous fluids. Generous waist ties keep the gown from being bulky around the middle and getting in the way while work is in progress.

A tape tab secures the neckline, while knit cuffs hold sleeves firmly against the skin. Most of these are made from a microporous breathable laminate, but there is a less expensive version that offers all the same features in a non-breathable material.

Lightweight and medium weight isolation gowns feature full coverage, flexibility, and strong seams. The fluid –resistant variety ensures protection even around the neckline. Not all light and mid-weight gowns offer the knit cuff feature, but they still provide much needed protection. They are available in white, light yellow, bright yellow, and bright blue, depending on which style is chosen.

Reusable isolation gowns supplied by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel are made from Eco Cloth, Blockade, or polyester/carbon fiber. Eco Cloth gowns are long-sleeved with 2 inch knit cuffs and ties that secure around the back. The entire gown can be securely closed to provide total protection. Blockade is a breathable fabric that is also resistant to fluids. The lightweight material protects the body and can be washed multiple times before any sign of wear appears.

ASEP gowns are made from a material that is 99 percent polyester with the final 1 percent being a moisture barrier made from carbon fiber. This carbon filament fabric controls static as well as repels liquids. These gowns also have knit cuffs and ties at the back and neckline. ASEP gowns are backless, but still provide complete protection across the front of the body and arms. This info on isolation gowns is helpful to professionals seeking disposable and reusable gowns for their line of work.

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Info On Disposable Shoe Covers

For sanitary purposes, health care providers need to maintain a sterile environment and this includes covering shoes. A pair of shoes is capable of carrying any number of germs and other contaminants into an area. Donning a set of disposable shoe covers will keep the contents on the soles of your shoes from carrying germs into a germ-free area. These flexible covers for shoes will also prevent your shoes from picking up any foreign objects as well. The following info on disposable shoe covers has all the details you need.

Shoe covers with a non-skid surface cost anywhere between 30 and 68 dollars for an entire case. This is a low price for a necessary item to maintain a sanitary environment. The material is latex-free and has an elastic trim around the top. This trim has just enough give to fit over most sizes of shoes. The elastic holds the shoe cover in place.

The non-skid surface prevents the thin material of the cover from coming into contact with the slick floor surface, thus ensuring sure footing when standing or walking. For areas where fluids might be present, a polyethylene coating has been added to some of the disposable shoe covers sold by Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. These fluid-resistant covers are also useful to painters and carpet cleaners, due to their ability to repel liquids.

Not all disposable covers for shoes are made for extended wear. Some varieties are manufactured to be worn for a very short amount of time and then tossed into the trash. The non-skid SMS shoe covers are made to be worn for a long period of time and will repel small to moderate amounts of fluid. This type of cover is also sold in a size that will easily cover an athletic shoe.

The classic style of shoe cover is also available through Personal Touch Health Care Apparel. These fit up to a men’s size 12 shoes, repel fluids, and are made from polyethylene. This particular type of shoe cover doesn’t have non-skid grips on the bottom, so they may not be ideal in all situations.

Regular and X-large sizes are available in most styles of shoe covers, however, occasionally there are occasionally extremely large shoes needing coverage. Some disposable covers actually will stretch around shoes larger than size 15. Varying shades of blue is the only color available with these covers. This info on disposable shoe covers offers great insight to what types of protective footwear work in different situations.

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