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Hospital gowns are very important for patients who need to spend some time at a medical facility.  These garments should be lightweight and forgiving, as patients need to be able to move freely between several positions.  In many cases, of course, they will be lying down, but they must also be able to sit, stand, and walk to the bathroom or between gurneys and beds to get to different examination rooms.  Hospitals need to have many different kinds of garments to suit patients of different shapes and sizes and this includes oversized hospital gowns for patients of substantial height or girth.

It is important that hospital gowns provide modest coverage of the body so that all patients can feel comfortable during their stay in a medical facility.  Many patients are already uncomfortable being at a hospital simply because of whatever condition, illness, or disease may have brought them in, so it won’t help if they are self-conscious about their appearance as well.  Maintaining privacy and dignity, then, is the most important thing and oversized hospital gowns help by providing extensive coverage for patients that are of substantial size.

Oversized hospital gowns are available in sizes 3X and larger, often up to size 10X.  They are designed to fit and cover large patients, minimizing embarrassment while allowing doctors to continue to their jobs efficiently and effectively.  The most common issue with gowns for larger patients is how well they close, which is usually simply tied in the back.  Larger patients often have difficulty with this and oversized garments help to ensure that there are no problems in this regard; again, ensuring that there is no awkward or embarrassing feelings in the examination room as well as in the hallways.  One way they do this is by moving the tie to the side instead of putting them in the back.

Oversized hospital gowns are also made with comfort in mind.  Like their smaller counterparts, these garments should feel light and soft; after all, they will be in direct contact with your skin.  They are also very durable because they are used quite often and must go through a rigorous cleaning and sanitation process in order to continue being reused by patients.  While you may feel that hospitals should use disposable gowns, washing and reusing cloth ones help to keep costs down, which hopefully translates to a smaller bill for you as a patient.

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