Taking Care Of Your Feet

Foot care involves taking special steps to avoid foot problems such as sores, cuts, bunions, and calluses. Good care includes daily examination of the feet, toes, and toenails and choosing shoes and socks or stockings that fit well. People with diabetes have to take special care of their feet because nerve damage and reduced blood flow sometimes mean they will have less feeling in their feet than normal. They may not notice cuts and other problems as soon as they should. They will also heal less well than others. However, foot care is needed and applies to all individuals with foot problems, not only to those with diabetes.

Foot Care Products available From Personal Touch Health Care include

Bariatric Slipper Sock – Extra-wide design for the bariatric patient or those who have foot/ankle wound coverings
Edema Booties
Women’s Velcro® Brand Footwear