Searching for Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing is designed for those who are disabled or who need assistance getting dressed. It can be difficult to find this type of clothing that is stylish and practical for those who need a different type of clothing. Finding clothes to wear that fit and look good is hard enough, but when you throw in the special needs of those who require adaptive clothing and the problem can become a nightmare. There are a number of styles that are perfect for this type of clothing that you can wear for style and comfort.

Back snap clothing is one of the most common types of adaptive clothing for those who need assistance getting dressed. All types of clothing that is typically buttoned in the front can be adapted for use in this way. The buttons are simply stylishly attached to the back of the top or dress and the cut of the dress allows for a fabulous look in the front.

Poly/Cotton Nightgowns – Make That Someone Feel Good About Themself with our Women’s Poly/Cotton Backwrap Gown
Flannel Nightgowns -Snaps at shoulder for maximum comfort and easy dressing. Warm And Comfortable For Those Cold Winter Nights.

There are adaptive clothing items for both men and women in casual clothing, sleepwear, and standard items that just need to be changed slightly for your special requirements. Finding clothing that is fashionable in these types of items has been difficult in the past, but there are many more choices than what was available previously.

Disabled people are not the only ones who can take advantage of this type of clothing. Those who have a limited range of motion will find that clothing that snaps in the back much easier to slip into than the traditional front closure items. This makes things a lot easier in the morning when you are getting dressed for the day. Even if you don’t need assistance, but require something that is a little easier, adaptive clothing is the right choice for you.

Shoes are another item that has been difficult in the past. Velcro closure shoes eliminate the difficulty that can come with lace up shoes. They are a great choice for someone with a limited range of motion, but also for people who have difficulty with their hands and tying shoes. There are some medical conditions that make tying shoes a painful and nearly impossible process. With a convenient pair of Velcro shoes, you won’t ever have to ask for help again. Bed jackets can be difficult to get in and out of if you are restricted in your movement. Look stylish in your bed no matter how restricted your movement is with adaptive clothing bed jackets. There are a number of styles and fabrics that you can choose from to make your time in bed much simpler. Wearing a bed jacket can keep the chill off and still allow you to look great while you are restricted to your bed.

There are many people who can take advantage of the benefits of adaptive clothing. If you have had difficulty getting in and out of your clothing and have been looking for something that will not cause you pain or discomfort, this type of clothing is perfect for you.

Ladies Drop Seat Slacks – Side snaps allow easy dressing and changing. Two convenient side pockets. Elasticized waist for comfort.
Men’s Adaptive Nightshirts – Our nightshirt are knee length. Snaps in the back allow easy dressing. Made of poly/cotton. Also Avaliable in size 2X and 3X
Mens Drop Seat Slacks – Side snaps allow easy dressing and changing. Elasticized waist for comfort. Two convenient side pockets.
Unisex Wheelchair Ponchos – Perfect for those cold winter days. This smart looking cape is hooded. It has side closures for easy on and off, comfort and warmth.