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Reusable Surgical Gowns


Blockade surgical gowns

Blockade fabric is a taffeta weave produced with untwisted continuous filament polyester. Constructed of 99% polyester/1% carbon. PBlockade fabric provides an exceptional barrier that is highly fluid-resistant. The high-density construction resists fluid penetration while maintaining breathability and comfort. Under normal conditions, Blockade barrier properties are guaranteed up to 75 processings.

Gore Surgical Gowns

Gore surgical barrier gowns fabric is made from liquid-proof, breathable Gore biocomponent membrane bonded between a woven polyester face fabric. The Gore biocomponent membrane provides superior protection-preventing strike-through of pathogenic organisms by stopping the liquids associated with this transmission. Meanwhile, the membrane enhances the comfort of the gown by allowing moisture vapor from perspiration to permeate. The barrier fabric in these gowns can be easily integrity-tested, under recommended processing conditions, to assure continuing performance up to 75 processings. Our Panel Coverage gowns feature GORE surgical barrier fabric in the critical areas - from mid-chest to knee and along the sleeves. Includes ties at the neck and two sterile mid-back tie closures. Color-coded military collar indicates gown size. Blocakade on front panel and upper sleeves; ResiStat coverage on back panels.

SteriCloth barrier Surgical Gowns

SteriCloth barrier is placed strategically in critical areas: chest to bottom hem and lower half of sleeves to provide superior protection during surgical procedures.

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