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Personal Touch Unisex Hospital Gowns - IV - Dozen

SKU# U508-04-12-IV

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IV HOSPITAL GOWNS -  are specially designed for patients who require intravenous therapy, such as chemotherapy or dialysis. These gowns have a unique design that allows for easy access to the patient's arms and chest, which is necessary for administering IV medication and monitoring vital signs.

Here are some specific examples of who may use IV hospital gowns:

  1. Patients undergoing chemotherapy: IV hospital gowns are commonly used by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The gowns allow medical professionals to easily access the patient's arms for administering medication and blood tests.

  2. Patients undergoing dialysis: IV hospital gowns are also used by patients undergoing dialysis, as the gowns allow for easy access to the patient's chest for the placement of the dialysis catheter.

  3. Patients with other medical conditions: IV hospital gowns may be used by patients with other medical conditions that require intravenous therapy, such as autoimmune disorders or infections.

ESSENTIAL FOR PATIENT - Overall, IV hospital gowns are used by patients who require intravenous therapy, and they are an essential tool for medical professionals to administer medication and monitor vital signs in a safe and hygienic manner.

  • Full Overlap/Angle Back Closure for Modesty
  • One Piece Body Construction
  • Durable 55/45 Poly/Cotton Blend
  • Roomy Sleeves
  • Quantity - 12 PCS
  • Type: I.V.

  • Click Below For Pattern In High Res

    U508-04: Blue Green Squares Print

    Sizes: Sweep - 60", Length - 45", In Sleeve 6"

    Colors: Blue / Green Squares

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