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Pet Training Pads

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Pet training pads, also known as puppy pads or pee pads, are disposable or washable pads that are designed to be used by pet owners to train their pets to use a specific designated area for toileting.

They are typically made of absorbent materials, such as paper or polymer, and are placed on the floor or in a tray to catch and absorb urine and feces.

Pet training pads are especially useful for housebreaking puppies or for training older dogs or cats who may have difficulty holding their bladder or bowels. They provide a convenient and hygienic way to manage pet waste, while also protecting floors and carpets from damage and stains.

In addition to being used for training purposes, pet training pads can also be used by pet owners who are unable to take their pets outside regularly due to physical limitations or inclement weather conditions.

  • Super-soft, white, nonwoven facing.
  • Highly absorbent cellulose fiber.
  • Embossed, polyethylene, nonskid backing.
  • Absorbent Core: Fluff/Polymer
  • Size: 17 x 24
  • Case of 300

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