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Diabetic Socks Men's or Women's Non Skid Hospital Loose Fitting Slipper Socks With Gripper Bottoms - Gripper socks

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Diabetic Socks Men's or Women's Non Skid Hospital Loose Fitting Slipper Socks With Gripper Bottoms - Gripper socks

  • 3 Pack of Black Men's or Women's Unisex Loose Fit Top Physician Approved Therapeutic Diabetic Slipper Socks
  • Recommended For Circulatory Poblems, Diabeties, Edema, Swollen Legs and Feet, Neuropathy.
  • A Diabetic Sock is a non-binding and non-elasticized sock which is designed to help ease the constriction of the foot or leg. Diabetes raises the blood sugar level, which can increase risk of foot Ulcers, Circulatory problems, Edema & Neuropathy. People with diabetes, edema, swelling of the feet and People who just want a comfortable sock both benefit from these type of socks.
  • Physicians choice of affordable medical socks that give your legs the blood circulation & quality you crave for! Machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry low, do not iron.
  • They come in Size - Men’s 10-13 (fits Men’s Shoe Sizes 7-12)


Personal Touch Health Care Apparel, Inc. Our Company History In 1976, my brother Joe and I started a small storefront business. We specialized in “adaptive and incontinent” clothing, primarily for patients/residents of hospitals and nursing homes. As with any new business, we worked hard, putting in long hours – sometimes without any pay. In 1989, I became very ill and lost everything. A few years later (1992), I started the business all over again from scratch. At this point, my children joined me in the new venture, working really hard to keep our heads above water. We were able to keep paying our bills and bank loans. In 1998, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, after a routine blood test. Today, as a diabetic for almost 20 years, I am well aware of many of the problems that come with this dreaded disease. Neuropathy, edema, circulatory problems, to name a few, are the most common. Most of these problems are directly related to the patient’s feet. With this in mind, we have developed a new loose-fitting Diabetic Slipper Sock. These Socks are reasonably priced and make a great holiday gift. They come in Size - Men’s 9-11 (fits Ladies Shoe Sizes 6-10) 10-13 (fits Men’s Shoe Sizes 7-12) and Men’s 13-15 (fits Men’s Shoe Sizes 10-14). “The right choice in health care apparel”.

Colors: 3 Black

Original Price: $30.00

Sale Price: $29.99

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